Fade to Black: Jeff Grobnagger is Kinda the Man!

23279082In the hopes of saving the life of an oddly bleach obsessed author (ahem), I decided last night to start reading Fade to Black, the first in a series of five novels (ambitious) called The Grobnagger Chronicles. What can I say, I like helping people, and pleasantly enough however, I found myself hooked from the first two sentences.

“Any minute now a hooded man will come barreling out of nowhere and kill me.
So that sucks.”

Don’t lie now, that’s an awesome start to a contemporary novel.

How wonderfully glib. Such is the internal dialogue of Jeff Grobnagger throughout all of this pretty fucking awesome book. Unlike many novels written in the first person, which usually suck ass because no one really thinks/talks that way (I’m talking to you TwiTlight), the voice of this protagonist feels so satisfyingly real. I hear the voice of friends and even myself in the narration of authors Tim McBain and L.T. Vargus, and I’m just a sucker for real.

So, quick plot summary; Jeff Grobnagger is a not too normal young man who, unfortunately for him, suffers from seizures, during which he dreams that he is being strangled to death by a mysterious hooded man. Not the worst thing ever, except that it happens over and over again. As you may imagine hilarity does indeed ensue…dark, twisted hilarity, but hilarity nonetheless.

The book remains consistently hilarious throughout, but as I read on it also proved to be darker and deeper than I expected. McBain/Vargus have created a world with such weird, yet realistically entertaining characters (I heart Glenn), that I am, admittedly, riveted.

At just over 160 pages, Fade to Black was a really quick read but it is tightly packed, with barely any filler and brimming with surprising little nuggets around every corner, stuff I would hate to spoil for anyone about to read the book. Personally, I had never read (or even heard of) either author before, and I have to say, it was so much fun discovering this new universe by Jeff Grobnagger’s side. I just bought the second one, Bled White (what a killer title) and I’m looking forward to devouring it tonight.

So buy it, read it, laugh your butt off over it and trust me if you’re on my site, you’ll likely love the fuck out of this book…and just to clarify, no, the author is not my cousin or anything 😉

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