The Weird Horror Chick Starts a Blog

It’s been my experience that most women, regardless of age, don’t really like horror films too much. I mean there are some chicks that call themselves horror fans cause they really loved Underworld or some similar piece of non-horror crap, but wouldn’t know an Argento film from an episode of Supernatural.

I am not one of those girls.

I love horror! Since I was a little wide-eyed innocent and got my first glimpses of Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers and (most epically) Charles Lee Ray; it was love at first site. And for better or worse that love has never died.

Suffice to say, other ladies don’t really get me. But to be fair, I don’t really get them either…I mean, Twilight, really? Or Nicholas Sparks’ Stuff? Who likes that crap?

Well, a lot of people like that crap it turns out. Not just like it even, they love it (ahem Twilight moms)…and I’m supposed to be the weird one.

Even my best friend, lord love her, whose sat through countless horrors for/with me doesn’t understand my near inability to willingly watch much else. Mind you I’ve done my fair share of cinematic suffering for her. Like this one movie, I think it was Iranian, it was all about a mute girl combing her hair a lot and a guy in checkered pants carrying bags of cement up the stairs and staring at each other from across a factory floor…I swear, nothing else happened and the damn thing lasted 2 hours…I may never get over that one. But James (love you James) said it was “so deep” and “very moving”…I said it was “boring as fuck” and “why do you make me watch this crap?”

So I figured, since I appear to be a minority of one, at least in my circle, I might as well blog about it.

Not that I need a reason to watch horror movies every day, or even repeatedly, but at least this way I can share my crazy, obsessive love affair with all things scary and maybe inspire some other weird chicks to love them some horror.

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