Anticipation is a Killer: Three Upcoming Horror Flicks That May Be Worth Some Hype!

We all know that trailers can be misleading, and horror trailers are often the worst offenders since it doesn’t seem all that hard to make a bad movie look awesome. Still, one can’t help the thrill that comes with watching a trailer that makes a movie seem like it may be the best thing since god invented vibrators, and I’ve recently stumbled on three trailers that have me doing my fangirl happy dance, so I just couldn’t help but share.


The Lazarus Effect (2015)
Starring: Evan Peters, Olivia Wilde & Mark Duplass
Release Date: February 27, 2015

Now didn’t that just give you tingles?

I’m a total sucker for a good possession story and this one has some major talent behind it so I’m feeling cautiously optimistic about The Lazarus Effect…still, The Wolfman (2010) had enough talent to choke on and it still sucked a fat nut. Let all think happy thoughts about this one shall we, cause I dunno about you, but I’m tired as fuck of being disappointed.

I am a huge fan of Evan Peters (loooooove Tate, even if he is a fucked up evil douche bag) and Mark Duplass (if you haven’t seen Safety Not Guaranteed, see it now…seriously), and along with Olivia Wilde, none of them seem to be begging for work so chances are they chose a winner…either way I can’t wait!


It Follows (2014)
Starring: Maika Monroe & Keir Gilchrist
Release Date: March 27, 2015

This trailer here is so incredibly atmospheric and intriguing that I’m actually pretty pissed the movie isn’t out already cause I’m friking DYING to see it…the only issue I see here is if they pull a fucking Jeepers Creepers and don’t give an explanation as to the what & why…You know what I mean here, that psychic lady in Jeepers tells Justin Long that the fucking thing gets to eat every 23 years for 23 days and says FUCKING NOTHING about what it is! Screw you psychic lady!

Ahem, either way I’m hoping that explanations are given and that the trailer isn’t the best part of this one…the reviews so far are good, so here’s hoping…(in a whisper) that is won’t suck my ass dry.


Clown (2014)
Starring: Andy Powers, Peter Stormare & Eli Roth
BluRay & DVD Release: March 2, 2015

I fucking hate clowns.

I know everyone hates clowns, but I REALLY fucking hate clowns…ever since my lunatic mother thought it was a good idea to send me a fucking clown singing telegram (seriously what was up with those frikin things in the 80’s & 90’s) for my 10th birthday and the fucker came rushing at me in the dark singing at the top of his lungs. I screamed so loud they heard me in space…true story.

So suffice to say clowns scare the shit outta me, and this trailer looks like they’re putting a whole new spin on the evil clown genre. A demon clown suit that transforms the wearer…I fucking knew clowns were demons. Either way Eli Roth is producing so I’m sure we’re in for a bloody good time…I don’t know how I feel about the whole “eating children” thing, the mom side of me is just not happy with that part, but I’m gonna watch it anyway cause fuck if it doesn’t look like it’s gonna be awesome…also Peter Stormare is the man and I wanna adopt kittens with him…whatever, don’t be a judgy douche.

YAY evil clown like demon…things!

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