First Trailer for Poltergeist (2015)…Underwhelming At Best.

It’s no secret that yours truly is no fan of remakes, but given the whole Sam Raimi (who I still love despite the whole Spiderman thing) involvement in this latest possible butchering of a beloved classic, I am trying to be open-minded…suffice to say this is not a natural state for me.

Still, I thought about the phenomenal Maniac remake and told myself that maybe, just MAYBE, the new Poltergeist was not gonna suck a big fat bag of dicks…and then I watched the trailer…sigh.

Take a look for yourselves horror fans.

Well, wasn’t that interesting…no, not really.

This first glimpse into the shiny, CGI heavy world of the new Poltergeist seems pretty generic and brimming with horror stereotypes (toys are creepy, clowns are evil, kids are stupid, blah blah blah); I don’t know about all of you, but I’m feeling less than thrilled about this one. I could be wrong of course, this is only the first trailer and the movie does feature a strong cast and an adorable kid in peril (everyone loves adorable kids in peril) so its entirely possible that once a little (a lot of) cutting is done the movie won’t be half bad.

Not that I actually believe that, but stranger things have happened, so let’s wait and see what Raimi and Co have in store.

Poltergeist is directed by Gil Kenan (Monster House & City of Ember) and stars Sam Rockwell, Rosemarie DeWitt & Jared Harris. Slated North American release date is  July 24th, 2015.

2 thoughts on “First Trailer for Poltergeist (2015)…Underwhelming At Best.

  1. Agreed! This trailer looks like every other trailer for a so called horror movie. All the supposed scary scenes are already in the trailer. There is no allure here to go see it. The only good thing I saw was that freaky clown. I dream of the day a really good horror movie is released. It’s been years since anything worth talking about has hit the screen.

  2. I agree, this movie looks pretty dull. I had hoped this would possibly take the idea in a new, FRESH direction, but it is clearly just a shot-for-shot reenactment of the same scenes from the original (the tree, the clown, getting sucked into the closet……). I’m beginning to realize most moviegoers are dullards who just like to watch the same thing over and over. And I suppose that’s fine. I just like to be surprised when I watch a new movie.

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