Knock Knock (2015) Teaser…Are We Sure Eli Roth Directed This?

The teaser for the upcoming psychological horror Knock Knock came out recently, and I don’t know about you guys, but I’m kinda confused here.

First, lemme get this one out of the way because it’s bugging me something fierce…Why does Keanu Reeves have Jared Leto’s bangs circa 2007? It’s almost like the filmmaker is trying to give the impression that, although he’s oldish (come on, that fugly sweater he’s wearing, I swear my mother has the same one) he’s still kinda edgy and cool. Maybe it’s just me, but the hair is bugging me.

Otherwise the premise seems a little tame and bloodless for an Eli Roth movie…this is the guy who did Cabin Fever and Hostel right? Shouldn’t someone be missing half their face or something in the first ten seconds?

Take a look at this clip.

Did you notice that no one was missing their face? Did you notice the hair and am I the only one who finds it odd? I bet I’m not.

So from what IMDB tells me, Keanu is a married man left home alone and two wet girls show up and then promptly seduce him, after which they refuse to leave and wreak all kinds of havoc…ummm, okay. Is Roth getting tame in his middle age, or has marriage to Lorenza Izzo softened him up? FYI, Izzo plays Genesis, one of the two girls in this movie and although I’m not yet sure whether or not Mrs Roth can act, I can see that the lady probably couldn’t be hotter if she was on fire.

Izzo’s hotness aside, I did try looking for more info about the movie, but since its festival release at Sundance, the small amount of reviews I was able to find have been aggravatingly inconsistent, so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Forgive my pessimism though, when I say that although this teaser was only 30 seconds, it was still 30 seconds of Keanu Reeves doing his regular (robotic) thing, and it takes more than that to convincingly play the victim…if that is indeed what he turns out to be.

Knock Knock has no official release date yet.

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