Insidious: Chapter 3 Trailer Delivers the Scares…Here’s Hoping the Movie Lives Up to It!

If awesomeness had a face, I’m pretty sure it would look exactly like Lin Shaye…that being said, I must admit I’m a wee bit confused by this trailer.

It’s obvious that this is a whole new family being haunted this time around (seriously, one more Patrick Wilson haunting and I was gonna seriously have to think about not watching the next one…or the one after that), and the new victim is a pretty young girl being stalked by an icky old dead man with emphysema who’s skulking around in a hospital gown…I’m not the only one who’s totally freaked out by this new ghost right?  I mean the guy in a dress was bad enough, but this one makes me wanna hurl and hide simultaneously (whatever, I have issues). So I think this is supposed to be a prequel right? Cause Lin Shaye is already dead (that’s not a spoiler, if you haven’t seen then first one then y’all need to fuck off and do that now) but she’s obviously not younger in this flick so I guess we’re meant to assume this happened like the week before the original movie? Not much of an “origin” if you ask me, but mind you I don’t really care. I love Lin and I love Insidious, so this latest incarnation could be about an Evil Chicken Man or a Haunted Burrito and I’d still be psyched to watch it. I guess I’m not all that confused after all.

Quick question…Does anyone else randomly remember that Ms. Shaye was that nasty tanned lady in There’s Something About Mary and then involuntary recall the droopy boob shot? It’s just me isn’t it?

Anyway, saggy tits aside, I’m glad that writer/first time director/actor (who plays Specs) Leigh Whannell was bright enough to realize that Shaye’s psychic Elise Rainier really was the most sequel-worthy character in this franchise and brought her back for part 3, along with the red faced demon and the old man-lady in black. Oddly enough “Elise” never mentions having encountered the demon before in part 1 buuuuuut…despite how much I hate this type of cheating in movies, I’m gonna pretend I didn’t notice…for now.

Lemme know what you thought of the new Insidious: Chapter 3 trailer horror fans and as always don’t forget to click that Like button (cause I’m awesome and you know it ;-))

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