Maggie (2015) Trailer…Arnold Does Zombies.

I have a soft spot for Schwarzenegger, probably because of my slightly unhealthy love for The Terminator movies (whoa, one and two only of course), but also because…well, who DOESN’T love a good Arnold movie. He isn’t the best actor, but he is usually pretty entertaining, and now with his new face it’s like watching a whole new Arnold.

But Arnie in a zombie flick?

Hell, why the fuck not.¬†Although to be fair, it seems far more zombie drama than zombie horror, the mood of the flick seems sullen and serious and not scary in the least, but let’s not split hairs on this one. Dead things are dead things after all, and Arnold seems to be in top acting shape, staring soulfully into the camera while frowning and crying and walking around with a shotgun in the trailer, and this type of role is definitely a departure for an action hero (aged though he may be), so I must say, I’m intrigued.

Have I ever mentioned that I’m kinda (very) terrified of zombies? Well I am, I’ve even had this reoccurring dream for the last 20 years where everyone around me is turning into zombies and I’m crawling through ducts trying to escape. This has nothing to do with the movie, or with anything else for that matter, I just wanted to clarify that this is not my favorite sub-genre of horror and yet, still intrigued.

Maggie co-stars Abigail Breslin and Joely Richardson and opens in theaters, on limited release, on May 8th (in the US).

Have a glimpse at the trailer and see what you think horror fans, and as always, don’t forget to give a girl some love and click that Like button.

One thought on “Maggie (2015) Trailer…Arnold Does Zombies.

  1. This doesn’t look scary at all but super intriguing, especially because Abigail Breslin has wanted to portray a zombie character since Zombieland, if you watch the special features she even talks about how obsessed with the zombie make-up she was, so much so that she kept asking to be turned into a zombie. Not surprised that she took this role and she should be great in it!

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