The Visit (2015) Trailer…Scared Kids, Spooky Grandparents & The Giddy Possibility That Shyamalan Won’t Suck…Again

What can I say, I haven’t been a fan of M. Night Shyamalan’s since…well, since The Sixth Sense. I did try to hang on during Unbreakable and Signs in the hopes that whatever genius had inspired his breakout film would return and blow me away in his latest project, but like many of his former fans, my illusions were epically shattered when I experienced the unforgivably bad, dripping mass of refuse that was Lady in the Water.

Seriously, I KNOW I’m not the only one who came out of that stinker with the absolute certainty that The Sixth Sense was a fucking fluke…was I? For the few that actually liked Lady in the Water (no doubt due to some type inebriation),  I can’t imagine you made it through The Happening without questioning Shyamalan’s sanity (or your own for that matter). Personally I watched that piece of crap on fast forward and promised myself that was the last time I’d ever waste another second of my life watching some overrated hack’s shitty movies.


I now find myself slightly intrigued by the trailer for Shyamalan’s latest offering The Visit, a found footage feature (which I am SO very tired of) about a pair of young siblings that are left in their seemingly idyllic grandparents care while their mother is on vacation, only to discover that once night falls a sinister change comes over grandma and pop-pop.



Interesting concept, made all the more compelling by a dark, intense two minute trailer that promises a twisted tale seemingly guaranteed to frighten.

Forgive me if I still harbor some doubts, but the fact is that trailers can be (and often are) incredibly misleading so although this movie LOOKS like a scary awesome time, it could end up being just as bad as The Happening or, dare I say it, as bad as After Earth.

Perhaps I’m being too pessimistic…Only time will tell of course, and since The Visit is slated for release on September 11th there’s plenty of time left for speculation, but for the moment I do feel kinda psyched for an M.Night Shyamalan movie for the first time in forever, so here’s hoping the grandparents don’t end up being evil plant people or mermaids or blocks of cheddar come to life…sigh.

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