Horror News: Remake of Stephen King’s ‘It’ Loses Director

On Monday May 25th, Stephen King confirmed that New Line’s remake of his 1986 novel “It” has been axed just a few weeks before filming was scheduled to begin.

The two-part adaptation was scheduled to begin shooting next month by filmmaker Cary Fukunaga however he has left the project.

The 37-year-old ‘True Detective’ director penned the screenplay along with Chase Palmer and had planned for the story to be split between two films. However, it is being reported that Fukunaga allegedly clashed with the studio over budget cut backs and creative differences.

Fukunaga planned for the first film based on the childhood and the second, adulthood which was slated to begin shooting this summer.

There is no word whether New Line will start from scratch with this remake or seek out a new director to helm the project altogether. It is unclear if actor Will Poulter that was recently announced as Pennywise will still be amongst the cast or not if film does indeed move forward with a new director at a later date.

As of now it seems that the sewers of Derry are safe and ‘It’ is once again…dead.


Do you think there should be an ‘It’ remake and if so, who is your ideal director to bring Pennywise back to life?

Felicia Mancini, writing for A Girl’s Guide to Horror


SOURCE: http://www.thewrap.com/cary-fukunaga-out-as-director-of-stephen-kings-it-at-new-line-exclusive/

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