Movie Night: Class of Nuke ‘Em High (1986)

The students of Tromaville High have been acting a little strange lately. Could it be adolescent hormones that are turning the teens in to fighting, screwing, occasionally lactating monsters, or is it the oozing green toxic waste that is leaking from the shady nuclear power plant next door?

With a title like Nuke ‘Em High, I’m guessing you already know it’s the power plant.

This first installment in a series of five (seriously five) Nuke ‘Em High flicks is not strictly a horror film, but it does have enough “horror elements” to warrant a spot in any fans required viewing…that and it’s also one of the very best of the very worst that Troma Entertainment has to offer.

Fun Fact: Troma Entertainment, ever the purveyors of reel independence, have released quite a few of their crap-tastic classics on Youtube for our free viewing pleasure, so check it out here: .

I’ve always found Troma flicks to exist in a world light years away from the generic fare that other movie studio have to offer, and although I don’t believe anyone could describe these movies as being good in any traditional sense, Troma films are. at the very very least, fun as fuck to watch. My personal favorite (and I say this without a trace of irony) is Killer Condom (1996), a hilarious German horror comedy about genetically engineered razor-toothed prophylactics that…well, I think you know what a rubber with teeth would do to a man’s manly bits…and it’s unbelievably funny to watch.

The boys of Nuke ‘Em High get to keep their dicks intact, but that’s no reason no to give this movie a watch. So sit back, relax and get ready for a wild, weird and wonderfully disgusting ride.

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