The Last Witch Hunter (2015) First Teaser Trailer

I love movies about witches, don’t you?

Of all the horror sub-genres, I find that movies about witchcraft tend to be have this awesome surreal, cheesy gothic feel that, in my opinion, makes these films the absolute MOST fun to watch. No matter how bad (The Covenant, Season of the Witch, Blair Witch 2, etc) or good (Suspiria, Black Sunday, The Witches, etc) these movies get, they are usually all consistently watchable flicks. Admit it, even Nick Cage couldn’t make Season of the Witch completely unwatchable and eventhough Blair Witch 2 sucked so much ass it was practically a porno I’d still probably sit through it again if nothing else was on (nothing at all else). The movies are still bloody awful but, for me at least, stories of witches and warlocks (especially Julian Sands…sigh) have always managed to intrigue me no matter how terrible they may be.

The Last Witch Hunter (the title is self explanatory) on the other hand, is looking like it may be one of those rare witchcraft movies that will end up being fun AND awesome…I’ll admit it, I’m kinda psyched. A quick stalk through IMDb shows a really strong cast joining Vin on his hunt for the wicked in modern day New York, with the three most interesting ones being Michael Caine, Elijah Wood and Rose Leslie (who has yet to impress in a feature film but kicked all kinds of ass as Ygritte on GoT).

Are you enthused yet?

Well I am, even if this first teaser has a suspicious lack of dialogue from the lead which oftentimes is a sure indicator that the movie will be less than good. Don’t believe me? Then do go watch the trailer for that Kellan Lutz Hercules movie…the guy says only two words in the trailer and the rest of the cast does ALL the talking…and that movie was fucking terrible. Mind you Kellan Lutz is beautiful, but his acting is, shall we say, not good…at least Vin Diesel has proven time and time again that he can act so it’s unlikely he’ll disappoint in this.

Here’s a look at the first teaser, check it out and let me know what you think.

The Last Witch Hunter is slated for release in late October 2015, just in time for Halloween. Hope you enjoyed the trailer horror fans and as always be a peach and click that Like button 😉

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