Felicia’s Review: Insidious 3 (2015)

Insidious 3 starts with teenager Quinn Brenner (Stefanie Scott) seeking out the help from psychic Elise Rainier (Lin Shaye) in attempts to communicate with her recently deceased mother.

Quinn is faced with rejection from the gifted but recently retired psychic. It is simply too hard to use her abilities and she can no longer simply contact the after life but ends up being plagued by the spirits.


It isn’t until the curious teenager hears one too many sounds from her vent and is thrown across her room by a mysterious force that her father seeks out the psychic in order to save his now wheelchair bound daughter.

This prequel is set before the haunting of the Lambert family and doesn’t pack too many scares or surprises nor does it steer too far from the original plot.

A violent paranormal entity wants the soul of a young girl and while at first no one believes her it isn’t until the spirits start attacking those around her that any action is taken.


Elise is faced with her own demons of the ghost of her deceased husband and finds her own personal dilemmas plaguing her ability to communicate with the afterlife. A woman in black is after her soul and tests her ability to free the demons from the home and spirit of the teen girl attempting to reach her dead mother.

While Stefanie Scott appears to have a very promising start as an up and coming scream queen, it is Insidious series regular Lin Shaye that keeps the movie afloat.


Is there anything new in this film that wasn’t done in the others? No, I don’t think so, then again it is hard to distinguish the differences between the Insidious series and the array of paranormal films that include the following: a curious and incredibly brave teenager, a creepy home, random noises in the middle of the night, a weird but wise older lady that has a way with spirits and a comical film crew of paranormal “experts” that appear to know absolutely nothing about fighting spirits or ghosts in general.

I wish I could say that this prequel was an exception to this standard mold of films but it really couldn’t have fit the stereotypical mode more than it already has.

While Insidious is one of the more entertaining recent paranormal films, all the movies and plots seem to bleed into the next making Insidious 3 just another totally forgettable film.

Here’s to hoping that this is the last installment in the series and that Hollywood can move on from paranormal spirit films.

Insidious Chapter 3

Perhaps they can revive the masked serial killer cat and mouse game of terror since it seems that original ideas are completely unattainable at this point. Shit, I’d settle for a half decent killer clown movie at this point. Anything besides paranormal spirits at this point to be honest.
Felicia Mancini, writing for A Girl’s Guide to Horror


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  1. Even though paranormal horror is one of my favorites, I agree that the slasher movie needs to make a come back. That and body horror movies in the same vein as The Fly and Society. If you haven’t seen it yet check out Clown (2014 I think). It was a pretty good killer clown movie with a decent amount of gore.

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