The Lazarus Effect (2015)…An Uninspired Mess of a Movie

A few months back I featured The Lazarus Effect and two other movie trailers in a post suggesting that those three flicks looked pretty good and may have been worth some hype. Those movies were Clown (which was awesome), It Follows (which was way way awesome) and this piece of crap…oh well, at least I was right about the other two movies. Oh movie trailers, what horrible, jerk-faced liars you are…I will never trust you again you slutty cinematic deceivers.



Admittedly I do watch a lot of terrible horror films, some of which I still manage to enjoy immensely, but The Lazarus Effect not only succeeded in disappointing me, it pissed me off quite a bit too. Firstly, the trailer shows any and all interesting details, bar none, so if you’ve seen the trailer, you’ve pretty much seen the movie…I fucking hate that. Secondly, the spooky events of the trailer take place in the final 25 minutes of the movie, which effectively means that nothing interesting happens in the first hour…nothing (seriously).

To make matters worse, the bland, unoriginal script takes very little risks, throws in a ton of misplaced possession stereotypes and includes nothing we haven’t seen before in dozens of other horror flicks. That coupled with a very talented but seriously underused cast who wander aimlessly through this pointless film, make for one hell of a dull time. Of course it’s possible less seasoned horror fans will enjoy the jump scares or find the repetitive plot intriguing (and hey, if you liked it, great), but I’ve seen all of this before, many times and far better executed.


Goddamn it…

So The Lazarus Effect is about a group of medical students that discover the secret to bringing the newly dead back to life by plugging what looks like an electric egg beater into their brains…sort of like the superior 1990 movie Flatliners (minus egg beater) which starred Kiefer Sutherland and Julia Roberts (during her big hair years). Of course the reanimation process has a price as something dark and sinister comes back with the newly revived…pretty much exactly like Flatliners.


Unlike Flatliners (which you really ought to check out), The Lazarus Effect barely skims the possibilities of such a dark entity coming into or world and the last half hour comes off a lot like an episode of Supernatural…and not one of the good ones either. It’s a real piss off, cause there was so very much potential here, the concept is intriguing (as always), the cast is solid (Mark Duplass and Olivia Wilde are both damn good actors) and they tried their best (Wilde especially), but they had nothing to work with…so very much potential and it was totally wasted.

What a frikin bummer.


You know, its disappointing failures like this one, that make a girl contemplate switching genres…fortunately I binge watched all the Nightmare on Elm Streets and quickly got over that idea. This movie still sucks though, a lot.

I was so very much looking forward to this one (I do love a good reanimation flick), but after watching it twice (hey a girl needs to be sure), I have to admit that The Lazarus Effect is unfortunately one of the year’s worst movies…oh well, at least its still better than Gnome Alone.

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