Ash vs Evil Dead (2015) Trailer

Ash is BACK! Evil Dead fans prepare to come in your uncomfortably tight pants…

Okay that may be a bit much, but as any die hard Bruce Campbell lover will no doubt agree with, Bruce being back as Ash is pretty much the awesomest thing since vibrating underwear and nowhere near as awkward.

Granted the man is a bit older, a little rounder and somewhat less in shape then the last time he strapped on his boomstick and faced the deadites (which in case you were wondering was a whopping 22 years ago…seriously, Army of Darkness was released in 1993…who feels really old right now?), but Campbell happens to be an actor with bottomless charisma and I for one have no doubt that he’ll be killing it in Ash vs Evil Dead (if the trailer is any indicator).

Shit I am so fucking psyched right now!

The Evil Dead movies are pure cultural literacy and although I didn’t actually hate the 2013 remake, without Campbell’s Ash it was just like any other flick that tried to mimic the original over the years…forgettable.

Let’s face it lovelies, forgettable is not something one can accuse Bruce Campbell of being. He’s an awesome, if incredibly underrated, actor and I’ve seen nearly everything he’s ever been in (up to and including a little nugget called Sunrise the Vampire in Retreat…no I didn’t make that up and it was just as bad as it sounds) and I’ve always enjoyed watching Campbell do his thing, but nowhere has he been so sublimely in his element as in the Evil Dead movies.

So sit back horror fans and have a glimpse of Bruce returning to the land of the deadites, where he is the one, true and undisputed king…as the man said: “Hail to the King, baby!”

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