Felicia’s Review: The Gallows (2015)

Over 20 years ago in a small town there was a high school play that left one student for dead on stage in front of a horrified audience. Now on the anniversary of the tragedy a new batch of students resurrect that very same play and perhaps something more sinister.

Directed by Travis Cluff and Chris Lofing this is yet another handy-cam style film features a bunch of unknown faces. This film features your standard mainstream characters from the incredibly obnoxious high school bully, the gullible mean girl girlfriend and of course the angelic nerdy drama star student and the handsome jock that is just trying out for the play to impress his co-star.

In theory The Gallows looks like it could be a half decent film. A High School, an urban legend, a vengeful ghost and a trailer that was really well done as it barely showed any plot but appears to be a high action thriller. Seems like an entertaining time and all, right?


In reality, The Gallows falls flat and drags on for way too long in the middle. Leaving nothing but weird sounds and mysteriously locked doors.

Was there anything good about the film?

Well I actually thought the plot and overall idea of the film could have been really great.  A freak accident during a school play that has the students and staff believing that the stage is in fact cursed however two decades have passed and the show must go on. Its not that bad. The ending has a small surprise and has a few good cheap jump scares.

Its just everything leading up to the ending and what they do with the plot that truly blows.

With the unknown students running around in the dark from Charlie, the boy that died on stage almost 20 years ago that wants to seek out his revenge on the new cast of the play.

This is another major studio horror release that sticks with a safe remedy of making satisfactory storytelling at most.


Bunch of teens with no real emotion (or on the other hand which is even worse is the over exaggeration making them seem comical), a handy cam, a bump in the night and a forgettable storyline.

Save your money on The Gallows and try purchasing “Phantom of The Mall” a film that takes place in a mall where a masked mad man seeks revenge on shoppers. Sure it isn’t in a school and it isn’t recent; it has a small fraction of the budget that this film has but takes place in a mall with the right amount of cheese and cheap scares.

The Gallows is visually nauseating and lacks in plot, characters and development. What a waste of an R rating and twenty bucks.

– Felicia Mancini, writing for A Girl’s Guide to Horror

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