Indie Horror Highlight: P.O.V. (2014)

Oh I do like a good indie horror…Unfortunately many truly independent horror films (we’re talking zero budget) are so fucking awful they make me wanna go out and buy a shrimp fork just so I can gouge my eyes out with it rather than continue watching…

And speaking of gouging out one’s eyes, there’s plenty of that to be had in the no-budget horror POV, the first full length feature by UK director Richard Anthony Dunford.

Shot completely from the perspective of main character Zack (Tom Clear, whose face we see only once in the first 60 seconds of the film), POV is the simple story of a heartbroken young man whose friends take it upon themselves to throw him a house party in an abandoned, old retirement home. Of course this is a horror film, so the retirement home in question was the scene of some grisly deaths when the previous owner burned the place to the ground because he believed all the elderly tenants were possessed by demons…natch!


Naturally with fresh meat walking the halls of the house, the old spirits are stirred and hilarity eventually ensues…but unfortunately not before almost half the movie has gone painfully by.

Dunford has an interesting concept here, seeing the entire movie through the eyes of the main character in real time is definitely taking found footage to the next level, although the camera height is placed heads and shoulders above everyone else so it kinda feels like Zack is a giant looking down on his significantly shorter cohorts. I have this image of Tom Clear walking around the set with a camera duct taped to his head. I’m guessing the process was slightly more high tech than that, but with a budget this low you never know really.

POV is jittery, filled with long-winded conversations that go nowhere and to top it all off it takes a long ass time to get to the action, but in the end, the movie ain’t half bad. Once the ball does get rolling there are some genuinely tense moments here, even though the budgetary constraints and shaky camera movements never let you lose yourself and forget that you’re watching a movie , POV still manages to be better than a hefty percentage of the shit most studios pump out nowadays.


Indie horror, in my opinion, is the fount of originality in the (too often) mundane and repetitive world of horror movies, so when something new and different comes to light it deserves an audience, so I’ll definitely recommend giving this flick a watch if you can get your hands on it. POV may not be a genre defining film, but there’s undoubtedly something worth keeping an eye on in writer/director Dunford. It’ll be interesting to see, given what he’s accomplished with so little, what horrors Richard Anthony Dunford will have in store for us with a bit more cash and little more polish.

P.O.V. is available on VOD on and other sites and you can find more info on

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