Victor Frankenstein (2015) Trailer


Victor Frankenstein is the latest classic horror tale getting the updated big screen treatment, with this version of the timeless story being told though the eyes of the mad doctor’s assistant Igor. Of course this Igor comes in the form of the short but delectable Daniel Radcliffe (sans physical deformities but sporting an utterly hideous haircut) and the doctor in question just happens to be the equally attractive James McAvoy (mmmmmm).

Is it awful that I’m totally fantasizing that the two leads will end up getting it on in this version…oh whatever, that would be WAY hot.

I’ll undoubtedly be checking out this latest incarnation of Frankenstein, but there is one little thing that’s troubling me about the 90 second clip. There is a wee bit of a Van Helsing/I, Frankenstein feel to the trailer which is worrisome to say the least. Van Helsing was just fucking awful and it felt like it lasted 6 hours , and although I, Frankenstein had Aaron Eckhart’s super hot shirtless bod on near constant display, it was still a terrible fucking movie.

Of course this doesn’t mean that Victor Frankenstein will suck, Radcliffe and McAvoy are pretty careful with their choices of roles, so chances are this latest feature might be worth some hype, of course we’ll just have to wait and see since Frankenstein is only due for release on November 25th (booooooooo).

Luckily, in typical Hollywood fashion, we can probably expect 67 more trailers for this flick in anticipation of the film’s release, in the meantime check out the first trailer for Victor Frankenstein and see if it piques your interest (or fantasies).

Excited to see this latest Frankenstein feature horror fans? Lemme know what you think of the trailer, and as always, if you like what you’ve read remember to click that Like button 😉

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