The Hallow (2015) Trailer & The Dark Side of Fairies

I dunno about anyone else but I, paranoid creature that I am, have always found stories of wood dwelling fairy folk to be kinda unnerving.

Pixies, banshees, hobgoblins and the like don’t make me think of sweetness and light, oh no, not even a little bit. Fairy stories make my skin crawl and make me think of home invading little critters just waiting to eat your eyes or snatch your baby…yeah I’m weird, what of it?

Obviously the minds behind The Hallow don’t think of wee fairies as harmless either, as the (not so) little buggers seem to be terrorizing an unsuspecting family of city folk who dared venture onto fairy land (or something). Apparently hiking in the wee people’s backyard will get you stalked by baby snatchers (I knew it), and as always the entire town seems to know ALL about the evil in the woods and yet no one bothers to send a note or an informative pamphlet to the new people until AFTER they’ve traipsed all over the enchanted forest, enraging the imps in the process.

Side Note: I’ve always wondered why people in these “cursed” towns don’t just move. I’d move…hell, I’d change fucking continents, but oh no, movie folks are all “I was born here and I’ll never leave no matter how many mutant donkeys eat my children” or something to that effect.


Anyway, the trailer for The Hallow looks totally awesome (which could be horribly misleading of course), but the early reviews are kinda great so I’m letting myself feel a little giddy…even though the poster art is seriously reminiscent of the Spiderwick Chronicles (right?). Have a peak at The Hallow’s trailer below and see if these wicked fair folk have you looking forward to the November 6th release date as much as I am.

Lemme know what you think of this latest trailer horror fans, and as always give a girl some love and click that Like button 😉

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