The Latest Trailer for The Green Inferno WILL Mess With You…No Seriously

Eli Roth is one fucked up individual, and if this latest clip from his cannibal epic The Green Inferno is any indicator, he’s becoming more depraved with age. Some of his more squeamish critics have even gone as far as to say that Roth requires psychological help for his clear obsession with violence and torture. As a solid fan of the man’s work I can only hope he NEVER gets the help he so obviously┬áneeds…and I say that in the best way possible.

Anticipation for Roth’s long delayed Cannibal Holocaust inspired flick is running high and even though I told myself I was not gonna watch it, I’m counting down the days until its release…come on, no one believed I wasn’t gonna see it right?

Inferno is said to set a new standard for realism and nowhere is that more evident than in this latest trailer where we actually see the cannibals in action for the first time. Prepare to cringe, recoil and (if you’re anything like me) be morbidly fascinated by the horror on display.

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