The Rasmussens Bring Home the Scares in The Inhabitants (2015) Trailer

There’s nothing quite like a good ghost story is there?

When done right (which is rare) stories of spooks and specters can get under your skin and stay there, lingering unseen only to re-emerge in our quietest moments. A good ghost story can make you shiver just thinking of it, days after you’ve watched it. The Inhabitants, the sophomore film of the Rasmussen Brothers (writers of John Carpenter’s atmospheric asylum movie The Ward), may just be one of those unique horror flicks that will seep into your mind and stay there.

At its core this is a ghost story, about a young couple who move into a neglected bed and breakfast with the intent of renovating it. Things go very wrong when an malicious spirit sets its insidious sites on the young wife and her husband must fight to save her (and himself) before…well you get the idea. Part found footage, part grainy indie flick, The Inhabitants is a self-described “home grown, passion project” for the talented siblings, and if the trailer is any indication, we’ll be in for one hell of a ride with this one.

Fun Fact: The movie was shot inside The Noyes-Parris House (c. 1669), one of the oldest houses in New England, which was owned by the Rev. Samuel Parris, father of Betty Parris and uncle to Abigail Williams. Quick history lesson: these were the two girls who made the initial accusations that kicked off the witch trials in Salem…I do love some history with my horror, don’t you?

The Inhabitants stars Elise Couture, Michael Reed and India Pearl, and will be released on October 13th, so check out the haunting trailer here and you can pre-order your copy today @


THE INHABITANTS TRAILER from rasmussenbros on Vimeo.

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