Horror Quickie: Last Shift (2014)

Watching horror movies ain’t always a cake-walk.

Some of these flicks give real meaning to the term unbearably bad (I’m looking at you Gnome Alone), so it’s always fan-fucking-tastic when a movie I was expecting to blow actually ends up being pretty good.


I’m not exactly sure why I was expecting Last Shift to be terrible, maybe the poster, maybe because police movies tend to bore me to tears, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was a smart, well-crafted fright flick with some genuine scares in store.

In case you’ve never heard of it (and I wouldn’t be surprised if you hadn’t), Last Shift is a minimalist tale about rookie cop Jessica (Juliana Harkavy) who gets stuck babysitting an empty police station waiting for some biohazard disposal company to come and pick up/dispose of some nasty odds and ends from the evidence room. It’s her first night on the job and, in classic horror fashion, it’s also the one year anniversary of the shooting death of her father (also a uniformed police office) who just happened to work at that very precinct and who was killed by a family of Manson wannabes called The Paymons (just for fun, google that name).

Strange things start happening almost immediately, to name a few, the lights go haywire, she hears unexplained noises from all through the precinct and a weird homeless man breaks in so he can pee on the floor…

Why are people always peeing on stuff in movies? Is pee supposed to be scary, cause really it’s just, you know, gross.

Anyway, urinating transients aside, it soon becomes apparent that something evil is haunting the spooky abandoned precinct and it speaks volumes about Harkavy’s likeability that it’s no trial to watch her stumble around trying to figure out who or what is causing the disturbances.


Once the scares get underway (and it takes a little time before they do) Last Shift turns into a tense, dark little chiller that will keep you watching until the credits start to roll. The ending is not quite what I hoped it would be (I can be a picky bitch), but Shift is superior to at least 90% of other modern horror releases I’ve seen this year, so that makes it one of the good ones and totally worth checking out.

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One thought on “Horror Quickie: Last Shift (2014)

  1. With you, I thought it was a pretty good movie with some above average scares that stumbled (badly) in the last act. There is such a thing as TOO much foreshadowing, ya know!

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