Horror Quickie: The Last Witch Hunter (2015)

I don’t think I’ll be shocking anyone here when I say that Vin Diesel, gorgeous creature that he is, has not always been the most prolific actor. We all know the man is hot as Hades and possesses an undeniable charisma, but no one has ever accused him of challenging himself or his audience with his chosen roles.

Fortunately that makes absolutely no difference in The Last Witch Hunter, because Diesel’s usual eloquent, soft spoken badass persona works just fine in this lightweight but enjoyable action/fantasy flick.


In what is slated to be the first of a series, we are introduced to Kaulder, a centuries old witch hunter, who is mankind’s last line of defense against the world’s most evil witches. He’s an immortal with the quiet swagger of a man who is very much used to winning, and the tortured soul of a man who has lost everything he ever loved.

Helmed by Breck Eisner, director of the kickass 2010 remake of The Crazies, Witch Hunter does manage to deliver some genuinely awesome visuals and a script that, although not ground-breaking, is at the very least not a huge chore to sit through. There is some intensely cheesy dialogue to wade through, but the cast is good enough to make it work, and although the movie isn’t great, chances are it won’t have you running for the exit before it’s done.


Diesel is, as always, fun to watch as he lets out his inner Viking and kicks some evil butts. He also has a few scenes with veteran actor Michael Caine that add a certain charm to an overall formulaic film, especially when 48 year old Vin calls 82 year old Caine “kid”…yeah it’s cheesy, but if you’re like me, you’ll probably find yourselves grinning from ear to ear during those moments.

Now don’t misunderstand me, this is a flawed film that isn’t breaking any new ground, but it is, for the most part, a pretty entertaining watch that is reminiscent of Season of the Witch (only better) and End of Days (only not as good).


All in all, The Last Witch Hunter will satisfy most die hard Diesel fans and fantasy film fans alike, but entertaining though it may be, this movie is very much like a sweet fall treat, fun while it lasts, but ultimately, completely forgettable.

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