Introducing a Wicked New Dolly in The Boy (2016) Trailer

Frikin killer dolls man…ever since Chucky messed with my fragile young psyche oh so long ago (well not that long ago), evil living dolls have consistently messed with me.

Not that I’m afraid of all of them mind you, but I’m genuinely unnerved by the idea that a toy can come to life and chop my ass up (or any other part of my anatomy for that matter). When I was little, I fought this fear by shoving the My Buddy doll my mother got me for Christmas into the dryer every night…and then subsequently throwing him out of the window after my mom found him in the dryer and put his (possibly possessed) ass back in my bed for me to find. As an adult however, I’ve fully embraced my fear…more or less.

But enough about my undiagnosed psychologically damage (thanks very much Tom Holland)…

The Boy is the latest feature by horror director William Brent Bell, the man behind The Devil Inside and Stay Alive (which was a totally underrated flick) and stars The Walking Dead’s Lauren Cohan as Greta, an American nanny who takes a position in an English household, only to find that her charge is really a lifelike doll.

My first thought: Why the fuck doesn’t she run off…I would have.

Spookiness ensues when Greta breaks some of Brahms’ rules (the doll is named Brahms) and suddenly the little creep seems to be moving about on his own and scaring the crap outta his nanny.

The trailer looks good and The Boy may have a scary good time in store for audiences, but something tells me Brahms ain’t no Chucky…of course he doesn’t have to be, he just has to not suck (I’m looking at you Annabelle).

In that spirit, have a look at the trailer and get your creep on horror fans.

The Boy is slated for release January 2016. Lemme know what you thought of the trailer lovelies, and as always, give a girl some love and click that Like button 😉

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