Rest in Peace Alan Rickman, prolific star of stage and screen, dead at 69

Another great talent has left us today, Alan Rickman, star of such films as the Harry Potter series, Die Hard and Sweeny Todd, has passed away on January 14th after losing his battle with cancer.

Rickman will perhaps best be remembered as the dark and mysterious Professor Severus Snape of Harry Potter fame, but the multi-talented British actor had more than 65 screen credits under his belt in both movies and television, not to mention a long and distinguished career in the theater, which he called “his first love”. A towering and commanding presence, with a sharp, distinctive look and deep, smooth voice, Rickman not only made his mark, but definitively owned every scene he was in.

As for me, I will always remember Rickman for the impression he made on me during my formative years, as Kevin Costner’s nemesis in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (give me a break, a girl has her vices). In remembrance of this great, departed talent, here is one of my favorite Rickman moments:

Please join me in sending the deepest condolences to Mr. Rickman’s family and friends for their profound loss.

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