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3 thoughts on “Got Something to Say?

  1. Yeah, I’ve got something to say… Does your website contain links to watch actual movies? If so, you need to make it much easier to navigate to them. Great that you’ve started this site, but I’ve seen many like yours come and go before…and yours won’t last either by just posting a bunch of teasers and reviews no one cares about. A site like this is only popular and will only last by giving us the horror, you twisted bitch…

    P.S. I originally left this comment in your “Contact Us” Section. But seems I can’t submit my comment there due to:
    *Are You a Robot?
    Your reCAPTCHA response was incorrect. (I don’t know what a reCAPTCHA response is, but it gave me to option to even leave a response. Much work needs to be done to this site before it’s useful to any horror fan, girl or guy.)

    • Hello Rhonda;

      I appreciate that you took the time to send a comment. To answer your initial question, no I do not currently have movies on my site. As for the rest, I started this blog in October and although I can admit that it is a work in progress, this is something I’m doing for fun and because I enjoy talking about horror films. The fact that many horror fans have responded favorably makes me happy because I’m able to share my interests and favorites with others.
      I’m not exactly sure what the reason behind your message is, as far as letting me know that you’ve seen sites come and go, well, it’s a bitter truth, but that’s how it is I suppose, like everything else, sites come and go. Straight up saying “your site won’t last either by just posting a bunch of teasers and reviews no one cares about” is a little much…I don’t understand the motivation behind that comment, but if you’re saying it just to be snarky, well, I suppose there’s nothing I can do about that, but I take no offense to it regardless. If you’re saying it to let me know I have much to work on, well then, duly noted.
      Finally, if a girl’s guide to horror disappears tomorrow, I will be happy that I shared what I love with people for the last few months and be content with that.
      Otherwise thank you for letting me know about the issue with my contact page, I will take care of that asap.
      Have a good one 🙂

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