See No Evil 2…The Soskas and the Beauty of Horror


Fuck yes!!!

Nah seriously, FUCK YES!!!!

I just finished See No Evil 2, a movie that I watched only because of the Soska Sisters’ involvement, and I am now watching it again, because it kicked THAT much ass!!! I mean fuck, look at all the exclamations I’m using, I am one enthused bitch right now.

Alright, first, I might as well admit that I didn’t really like the first See No Evil…at least, I think I didn’t like it, I have very little recollection of it. The movie was not exactly memorable or original or, you know, good. So expectations for the sequel were…well I had none; I did however imagine it would suck.

This kickass sequel does not even come close to sucking, no doubt cause of the two twisted chicks at the helm. Allow me to break it down for you.

Amy (an adorable as ever Danielle Harris) works at the city morgue where she and her colleagues receive the bodies of the victims from the original film, as well as the massive corpse of their killer, Jacob Goodnight (Glenn “Kane” Jacobs).

I’ll say one thing about the wrestler turned actor, he must have pounded back the Flinstones vitamins by the truckload, because he is frikin huge. Impressively however, it’s not only his size that he throws around, Jacobs also brings a certain gravitas to a role that could have easily ended up being complete caricature. His Jacob Goodnight is not a a hollow, walking stereotype who murders for the sake of murdering; inside those eyes we see a damaged boy in the body of a giant. Just a child that only knows what his wicked mother pounded in to him. For a few seconds I found myself feeling very sorry for the wounded soul of Jacob Goodnight. That being said, the fucker still deserved an ax to the head, but I won’t be giving away whether he gets his comeuppance or not.

Anyways, so the bodies arrive at the morgue and so do a group of Amy’s friends, there to celebrate her birthday. The majority of the cast are young, late 20s to early 30s, and relative unknowns, and as tradition dictates, beautiful and over-sexed. A standout Katherine Isabelle plays against type here, taking on the role of the atypical drunk/ditsy/hysterical friend, but she does it with such enthusiasm and dedication to the part that it totally works. Pleasantly enough though, there are no weaknesses in the cast, all of them can act (and pretty darn well) and even more surprisingly, there are no unlikable characters. All the friends that innocently gather (in a morgue like idiots) are all sweet and charming, there is no “guy who tries to date rape all the girls” or “girl who turns into a stripper and blows the date-rapist”. As a result, when the bodies do start to drop, we genuinely want the intended victim to get away. I wasn’t rooting for the villain here, and that really speaks volumes about the direction the Soskas have taken in making a horror film where the entire cast is not composed of unsympathetic a-holes, and that in itself was a hell of an achievement.

Now, the story is far from original, the unkill-able killer stalking the dark hallways of a hospital-like setting (hello, Halloween 2…the original one), but through a style that is wholly their own, the Soskas make this concept seem fresh and unpredictable…and it IS unpredictable. More than once I thought for sure I knew what was happening, and then was left shocked as the film took an awesomely unexpected twist.

I won’t give away anything else, but I will add that this movie was a hell of a lot of fun to watch, even the second time. The Sisters have a knack for making gore seem simultaneously real and unreal, and even unexpectedly funny and beautiful. In fact, more than once I found myself marveling at the beauty of the images, images I probably would have found only grotesque in other hands. There was a dark, twisted beauty to be found in the exquisitely crafted shots; the delicate splatter of blood, light drifting over a motionless body, the dark, seemingly endless, empty hallway and the ruby red smear of blood on an otherwise terrifying autopsy tool; all of these were hauntingly lovely to see. Which makes me wonder, who is the more fucked up, the Soskas for turning horror into art, or me for enjoying it?

Whichever it is, these are two brilliantly crazy bitches, and I for one cannot wait to see what they’ll have in store for us next.

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  1. really wanted to like this one and did for most parts. Just the end, Not so much the outcome but the believability was too stretched (would he have fit in the back of that car?) on the whole mostly good though

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