Do We Really Need a Remake of Extreme French Horror Film Martyrs?…I Think Not!

According to, the Goetz Brothers, the duo behind the drastically overrated thriller Scenic Route (2013), have set their sites on remaking Martyrs and have been quoted as saying their version will be “the ultimate horror movie”.


Martyrs, a movie which messed with the minds and appetites of many a horror fan, was released in 2008…Are you seeing the issue I’m having? The damn movie is seven years old and, despite the fact that it was torture to watch, it was actually a perfect film. So why remake it? What could a filmmaker hope to improve on with a movie as good and as recent as Martyrs? Frankly, I’m at a loss.

Such unnecessary remakes have become far too common in today’s horror landscape and I suppose we have no choice but to live with the relentless slaughter of our genre classics, but fuck if I don’t take issue with this one.

Martyrs, directed by Pascal Laugier, does not need remaking any more than Fright Night or Poltergeist or Nightmare on Elm Street or…well you see my point. I have yet to see a remake, besides Maniac starring Elijah Wood, that came anywhere near the original, and in my humble opinion, most remakes usually end up being so bloody awful that their very existence is pretty much inexcusable.

Call me pessimistic (go ahead, I know it), but if this project ever gets off the ground I’m betting it will be all naked women, gory close-ups, on-screen flaying and none of the subtle yet gut wrenchingly raw performances that made us actually care about what became of the tortured Lucie and the tragically ill-fated Anna. Nope, I’m still betting it’ll be boobs and gore…well isn’t that something to look forwards to…fuck.


Am I alone out here people or do you believe that this whole remake thing is going too far? I’d love to hear some opinions, so comment if you like, and don’t forget to give a girl a hand and click that Like button.

2 thoughts on “Do We Really Need a Remake of Extreme French Horror Film Martyrs?…I Think Not!

  1. Couldn’t agree more.

    One of the pieces of my blog is specifically about French New Extreme films and obviously I paid particular attention to Martyrs.

    Needs a remake like Pinhead needs a hat…

  2. i agree completely about the whole remake craze, i revolted when they decided they could remake nightmare on elm street….and added insult to injury by not asking Robert Englund to at least portray Freddy, he only made the character what it was to millions of fans….unlike some villains who all you need is a body that can walk and wear a mask, lol. so yeah they are really reaching with this whole new onslaught of remakes, and i love the above comment about pinhead too.

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