Movie Night: The Evil Dead (1981)

Ahhh The Evil Dead…Sam Raimi’s definitive cult classic and without a doubt one of the greatest and most entertaining horror movies to ever be put on film. Besides being required viewing for all horror fans, The Evil Dead is pure cultural literacy and as such is practically a part of our collective consciousness.

And yet, despite the fact that it is one of my very very favorites, my bestie James has never seen it…something about not being able to stay awake during “old” movies. She can sit through a 4 hour long silent dramas about small furniture and cross dressing Iranians but The Evil Dead is just too dull.

Yeah, she’s a freak, but I love her so I put up with it.

If you’re a “James” and have also never experienced the original Evil Dead (we aren’t talking about the remake here bitches), I don’t even know what to say about that, except to ask whether it was fun growing up in a cave…a really deep underground cave…in the wasteland of Siberia? If there was no frozen cave in your upbringing then you have no excuse whatsoever, and the situation must be rectified.

For those of you that already know and love Raimi’s first and best feature, you already know there is no such thing as too much Evil Dead…well, at least for me there isn’t.

Note: Have you experienced the epic awesome that is Evil Dead The Musical? No? Find it, see it, experience the Blood Pit, you will NOT regret it.

So now for your viewing pleasure my lovelies, here is Bruce Campbell (at his best and prettiest) and a bunch of other people who are not Bruce Campbell in the horror classic The Evil Dead.

Feel free to comment and lemme know what you think horror fans and don’t forget to click that Like…if you feel like it. 😉

One thought on “Movie Night: The Evil Dead (1981)

  1. A true classic, not least of which because it manages to successfully combine comedic elements with genuinely terrifying horror moments (‘Dead by dawn! Dead by dawn! Dead by dawn!’) And as a film-maker myself, I found Raimi particularly inspiring in his approach to funding the film, by hawking a basic short version – Watcher in the Woods – around local shop-keepers in his area, and asking them for investment.

    Not for naught is it Ash’s gurning face that adorns the homepage of my own blog!

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