Regression (2015) or Hermione Makes a Horror Film…and Here’s the Trailer!

There is a rumor, which may exist purely to drum up publicity for this flick, that young Emma Watson will be fully shedding her child star image and showing her tatas in Alejandro Amenábar’s latest thriller Regression. Whether Watson will actually take the plunge remains to be seen, but undoubtedly many a curious moviegoer will line up for a viewing…even if that means actually having to watch the movie.

Regression itself doesn’t boast all that intriguing a storyline, on paper at least, the synopsis I’ve read say that it is a film about a father who sexually abuses his daughter but has no recollection of it, until other people in town begin (allegedly) remembering the same abuse…okay.

The first trailer is vague as hell though, even for a teaser, and appears to be more about a movie about a satanic cult rather than one about sexual abuse. Emma Watson, the victim I assume, looks dowdy, sad and scared as she recounts a tale of being woken by strangers to attend a black mass (I’m assuming in her own home…how do you not notice that) and now that she’s told the truth, she knows that she and the lead detective to whom she is speaking, will both be killed.

Watson has proven in recent years that she is far more than just Hermione from the Harry Potter series, but strangely none of this young actresses talent is visible in this teaser.

Have a look here:

Along with Watson, Regression co-stars Ethan Hawke and David Thewlis, two seasoned actors who are sometimes hit or miss in their performances, but both have proven their versatility often enough that I`m feeling optimistic about the casting. Of course it helps that Amenábar (the man behind such films as The Others, Close Your Eyes and The Sea Inside) is behind the camera. This guy has made some awesome films in his career so I’m guessing that the mediocre feel of the trailer has a lot to do with a hastily put together teaser rather than the movie itself being as blandly sucktastic as it looks.

Time will tell of course, and I think we’ll have to wait a couple of weeks/months for a better/longer trailer to get a more accurate impression of the film. Still, if Watson is indeed doing her first nude scene, chances are the success of this film will have absolutely nothing at all to do with the storyline.

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