Suspension (2015)…An Intriguing Look at the First Trailer

Suspension, the latest indie horror from the director of the 2004 no budget chiller Savage Island (of which I was not really a fan), may not appear to have the most original storyline, but if you’re anything like me, the trailer will definitely pique your interest. The two minutes of footage featured have a polish that was definitely lacking in director Jeffrey Scott Lando’s previous work, and I gotta say, I’m liking what I’ve seen so far.

According to IMDb, the film is about a high school girl (newcomer Ellen MacNevin) and a bunch of bullies who are terrorized by an escaped psycho killer who is more than meets the eye. Is it odd that I find that synopsis suspiciously vague? I’m not trying to pick apart a movie that has yet to be released, but often the claim that the villain is more than he/she appears means that the main character has a split personality (or two) and is doing all the slashing…admittedly that concept was pretty cool the first 827 times it was featured in a horror flick, but at the moment it’s just a big predictable snore. Still, I’m thinking shiny happy thoughts and, for the moment at least, I’m trusting the trailer to speak for itself.

Check it out…


SUSPENSION Trailer from Jeffery Lando on Vimeo.

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