Introducing Felicia Mancini…A Girl’s Guide to Horror’s 1st Ever Guest Writer

Please join me in welcoming AGG2H’s first ever guest writer, the lovely and talented Felicia Mancini. Felicia is one of the fierce and fabulous chicks from GIRLSWITHGUNZ shop and I for one am thrilled that she’ll be bringing her own unique voice to A Girl’s Guide to Horror with her reviews, articles and interviews. Here she is, in her own words…

Felicia Mancini is a published writer and multi media content producer from Hamilton, Ontario Canada.

Felicia’s work in multi media content and curating includes Google, YouTube, High Times Magazine, Buzz Media and MTV. Using her love for style and storytelling, Felicia has styled and produced music videos in VH1 rotation as well as shot featured commercials and news segments. Most recently she used her experience in fashion and her love for horror to design costumes and wardrobe for an upcoming film titled “Sicilian Vampire” starring Paul Sorvino, Daryl Hannah, Robert Loggia and James Caan slated for a Fall 2015 theatrical release.

Currently Felicia is a freelance media content provider and the co-founder of GIRLSWITHGUNZ, a style hub and boutique. In her spare time she loves to watch films. Her favorite movie of all time? Sleepaway Camp.

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