Movie Night: The Slumber Party Massacre (1982)

The awesomest bit of trivia I’ve ever read about The Slumber Party Massacre, is that it was originally intended to be a parody of slasher horror films. But one viewing of this cheesy, bad-as-they-get cult classic shows that someone obviously didn’t get the memo and produced the script as a straight up horror film.

Of course that doesn’t stop Slumber Party from being one the most unintentionally laughable slashers you’re ever likely to see.

Interestingly enough the movie was both written and directed by women. Writer Rita Mae Brown (author of the Mrs. Murphy Mysteries) wrote the script as a parody and the movie was directed by Amy Holden Jones, a scriptwriter responsible for Mystic  Pizza and Indecent Proposal…this may not seem like anything unusual, but despite the female element, Slumber Party ends up looking very much like your typical male helmed slasher. Trust me, you’ll know what I mean about 5 minutes into the movie.


Full of unnecessary nudity (pretty much the entire early shower scene), unbelievably bland acting and a villain (a sufficiently menacing Michael Villella) whose murder weapon of choice would normally require plugging in, Slumber Party still somehow manages not to be god awful and actually ends up being a heck of a lot of fun to watch.

Bonus: This movie also features 80’s scream queen Brinke Stevens in her first speaking role.

So if you’re in the mood for a cheesy horror slasher (the entire score of which was done on a Casio synthesizer) with plenty of gratuitous T&A, then this is the flick for you.


Let me know what you thought of The Slumber Party Massacre horror fans, and as always be a bloody peach and click that Like button 😉


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